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Make a qualitative leap in your company with H&A. This is the first Italian Motivation Company which plans and realises Events and Live Communication, Loyalty and Incentive Programs and Incentive Travel focusing primarily on the role of Motivation, through the implementation of the exclusive Motivation Method.

Events and Live Communication

Have you ever measured an emotion? We did, and the results were extraordinary. For this reason, our events make a difference and have been able to thrill more than 250.000 people in the past years.

Loyalty and Incentive Programs

Over 500,000 people have sailed in a sea that knows no bounds: they are people who have participated in our loyalty programs. Mechanics, platforms and catalogs created ad hoc to excite and motivate.

Incentive Travel and Logistics

A travel is not just a destination: it is a dream that turns from waiting into reality. And like any dream it must not be shattered upon awakening. We have fulfilled at least 90,000 dreams, on 5 continents, in over 80 countries.

H&A Motivation Method

Motivation is a valuable and differentiating success factor. Thanks to the H&A Motivation Method, it is now possible to design and build trips, events and loyalty projects with a scientific approach that can generate high-impact, concrete and measurable motivation elements.
H&A accompanies companies in a simple and gradual way in their process of boosting motivation. A path that translates into a satisfying growth experience for the organization and its protagonists.

Motivation is to go from one failure to another,
always keeping the desire to start over.

Giancarlo GiumelliPresident of H&A and author of the book "Motivation is a Method"

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H&A Motivation Voucher

The tool to motivate employees, agents, distributors and customers. It is customizable and can be spent on a prize catalog of 150,000 items. H&A Motivation Voucher saves you the substitute tax on rewards program and if it’s not used… you don’t pay it.
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